“Not only did (Sandy) perform a variety of repairs personally... but he did so with a degree of care and attention that made us feel very comfortable as homeowners...”

To the Management of Holitzner Homes

I would like to take the opportunity to provide some feedback on the service we received regarding our recent one year warranty issues.

We were immediately impressed at the speed of response that we received from Wayne. He was able to book all of the required trades people in for a single day's service, with most of this conducted in the morning, all within two weeks of our year end date. I understand that with the volume of new homes in the area, time with these companies must be at a premium, so I appreciate that he was able to coordinate their visits so succinctly.

The second pleasant surprise we received at this time was Sandy. Not only did he perform a variety of repairs personally (as he had for our 30 day issues), but he did so with a degree of care and attention to detail that made us feel very comfortable as homeowners, and certainly reflects well on the precision demanded by Holitzner Homes. Where my wife indicated a nail pop or two, Sandy would scan the area and find several more that he anticipated might be problematic later on and address these as well. He was also quick to repair additional concerns that we had only noticed this past weekend. Simple but serious issues such an an improperly anchored basement wall frame and an open duct in our cold air return system. These he did on his return visit yesterday amidst sanding down drywall patches and vacuuming up the drywall dust himself.

In all, we continue to be impressed with the quality of workmanship that is put into our home and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the service staff at Holitzner Homes.


Sean C