"I wanted to let you know that Kat (my wife) and I are extremely happy with our new Holitzner home. The house is amazing."

You guys are a world class company and by far the best home builders in Ottawa... we’re blown away with your staff from front to back. I’m going to take a shot at thanking a couple people and hope I get the names right. Please send this note to them!

Mark – the original design of the Willowstone is absolutely incredible. Everyone who comes into our home loves the layout and says it’s one of the most unique designs they’ve ever seen. I’ve being playing with floorplans since I was a kid (mom used to put floorplan magazine in my stocking at Christmas) and I love the way Mark made the Willowstone look so big for being such a narrow house. His use of space and height is incredible. I also loved the way he was willing to incorporate some of my changes and make them look better than I imagined. I know he probably does a lot of larger custom homes but he gave our home a lot of attention and I appreciate that. Mark has my dream job – I’d love to work with him one day!

Bob and Barry – built the best home I’ve ever seen. 4 of my uncles are contractors and trades men and they we’re blow away with the craftsmanship of Holitzner. I feel like a tank or large truck could drive by and we wouldn’t feel a thing (and they do drive by). My family and I have lived in a lot of new homes... and you guys are bar none the best we’ve ever seen. Not to mention how spotless Barry keeps the development! 

Ian – one word - fantastic. I’ve only seen him twice but he caters to every need and has been amazing so far! Looking forward to working with him on a couple small fixes. (There are barely any!!!)

Donna – my wife’s favorite. Donna was amazing to work with. She’ll let you start to choose and help you along the way. What I love most is her honesty...some designers will say yes to whatever you choose but Donna actually cares about each home and home buyer. She was incredible with us and handled every CO and issue with grace. 

Lee – Lee is the most outstanding front person you could ask for. She is the most personal Sales Associate I’ve ever met and I’ve been in Sales for 7 years. She cares about every aspect of your life. She remembers everything, your name, baby’s names, birthdays, major events and even the dogs name. We absolutely love Lee!

All in all – we’re extremely happy with Holitzner and we let people know all the time. I recommend you guys to everyone I know that’s looking for a new house.

Brock Mosley