To whom this may concern,

I\'ve been wanted to send this for awhile now and I\'m finally getting around to it.....

I just wanted to let you all know that I absolutely love my new Holitzner Home home on Mosaic Private in Kanata.

From the day that I walked into the sales office almost one year ago, everyone at Holitzner Homes has been amazing!  From the sales people, the folks in the design office, all of the service gentleman, all made my home buying experience a real pleasure.  I can\'t even tell you how frightened I was, being recently separated and on my own and in desperate need of a nice place to live for myself and my daughter.  I found it and more!  The process was a bit stressful at times but Holitzner Homes did EVERYTHING possible to make this happen for me.  

The house is beautiful and the finishing touches are an added bonus.  The surrounding common grounds (fencing, landscaping, etc) have been finished to perfection.  

For everything mentioned above and more, from the bottom of my heart, I am so very thankful to Holitzner Homes and their staff!  

M Ryan, Kanata