1. R-19 Basement wall insulation
  2. R-22 Wall insulation
  3. R-50 Attic insulation with "high heel" trusses
  4. R-32 Insulation in sloped ceilings and exposed floors
  5. HRV system with interlinked furnace
  6. 96% minimum AFUE 2 stage Furnace complete with DC motor and Programmable Thermostat
  7. Tape ductwork
  8. Air leakage control throughout
    • Tyvek garage
    • Sealed continuous air barrier (poly joints)
    • Air tight electrical boxes at insulated walls and ceilings
    • Tape and caulk on all joist space at exerior walls
    • Electrical and plumbing penetrations through envelope are caulked
  9. Foam around windows. Zone C Low E Argon windows
Also included:
  • ENERGY STAR® rated bathroom fans
  • Compact fluorescent lights bulbs (CFL) as required
  • ENERGY STAR® rated rental hot water tank